Buckingham bed settee Chesterfield 3 seater in Olde English Antique Green leather

This 3 seater, standing at over 7 ft (85" or 214cm) enables us to offer a double bed within a Chesterfield with sprung interior mattress, for extra comfort when a good night sleep is required. We are able to manufacture a bed into several of our models.

Available in 2, 3, & 4 seater



Specifications are Approx

Width x Height x Depth x seat Height x Seat Depth x between arms/cushions

2 Seater Sprung Mattress

73"/185cm x 32"/81cm x 37"/94cm x 21"/56cm x 23.5/60cm x 49"/124cm

3 Seater Sprung Mattress

85"/216cm x 32"/81cm x 37"/94cm x 21"/56cmx 23.5/60cm x 61"/155cm

4 Seater Sprung Mattress

96"/244cm x 32"/81cm x 37"/94cm x 21"/56cmx 22/56cm x 72"/183cm


2 Seater Sprung Mattress