Shown in Aniline Chocolate Brown leather with tapered wood mahogany legs variable heights of legs available.

Art Deco design, the Society is offered in two models, a narrow arm model with the width of the arm at 13cm (5""), a wider arm model with the width at 20cm (8"") fibre soft seat & back cushion, zip on and off back cushions, change the height of the legs to have the right seat height for yourself.

Soft and luxurious cushions allows you to sink into the lounge and let all the problems of the day disappear.

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Specification are Approx

Width x Height x Depth x seat Height x Seat Depth x between arms/cushions

Society Chair

41"x 39"x 39"x 21"x 22"x 23"                               Cm 104 x 99 x 99 x 53 x 56 x 58 Cm

Society 2 str

64"x 39"x 39"x 21"x 22"x 46"                               Cm 163 x 99 x 99 x 53 x 56 x 117 Cm

Society 3 str

87"x 39"x 39"x 21"x 22"x 69"                               Cm 221 x 99 x 99 x 53 x 56 x 175 Cm

Society 4 str

110"x 39"x 39"x 21"x 22"x 92"                             Cm 279 x 99 x 99 x 53 x 56 x 234 Cm

All specification are approximate as the furniture is all hand made.